Proven Leader

for Maryland State Senate, District 23

Raaheela will fight for us through her progressive platform that prioritizes educational equity, strengthening our democracy, universal healthcare, environmental justice, affordable housing, corporate accountability, and criminal justice and immigration reform.


A Fighter For District 23

Raaheela is a lifelong Prince Georgian and a product of the public school system. She first ran for office as an 18-year old underdog and anti-establishment figurehead in 2012. She lost that election by 3%, ultimately coming back the following cycle to secure a grassroots victory - 32,000 supporters strong. She was subsequently re-elected to the Board of Education in 2020. Over the course of her campaigns and board service, Raaheela has gone door-to-door to 12,000 homes and attended 500+ events to better understand the needs of our community. As our next State Senator, she will work even harder to be the advocate our district deserves.

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Over the years, Raaheela has been endorsed by the people


This is why we can trust her to get the job done

Raaheela is the community leader, advocate and activist that our community needs and deserves. Over her tenure as our school board member, she has successfully fought for those issues that matter to us. She will continue to do so as our next State Senator.


Governmental Transparency and Accountability

Watch any board meeting. Raaheela is always asking tough questions to hold our system accountable. She is a meticulous worker, and is steadfast in bringing issues to light, even if it is unpopular. Raaheela was one of the few board members in 2017 that blew the whistle on fraudulent graduation rates in the county.



Community Engagement

Raaheela has attended or led over 500 community events to inform the community about the work of the school district, and to stay engaged in decision-making. She started a task force to address the school boundary issue in our community. Every year, she holds a convening of parent organization leaders in the district. She has held student shadow days for students, and started a District 5 Student Leadership Council as well.



Dismantling Systemic Oppression & Racism

In 2018, Raaheela introduced our district’s first ever resolution for Black Lives Matter Week of Action at Schools. It has passed every year since. As the policy committee chair, she led passage of excused absences for student participation in civic engagement activities. Every year, she advocates for purchasing culturally responsive textbooks. In 2020, Raaheela introduced a resolution to non-renew the district’s agreements with law enforcement to have armed police officers in schools.



Paying Our People

Raaheela has been, and will always be, an advocate for paying our employees well. She was one of the few board members that came out publicly advocating for restoring lost employee pay steps from the last recession.



Building A Moral Budget

Raaheela made several successful budget amendments over the years, including adding an additional $4.25 million for maintenance needs, securing more school psychologist positions, and including funding for LGBTQ+ staff training. She also co-sponsored the resolution that made financial literacy a graduation course requirement for high school students.



Community Members


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